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2 Types of Foundation

The basic thing you should know about foundation is that it carries the entire load of the structure. If you’re wondering how a skyscraper building is able to stand tall, it’s because of the strong foundation. Upon construction, the engineers have to design the foundation in such a way that the entire structure will be able to withstand strong winds and other natural disasters.

The contractors of Pearland foundation repair said that there’s more to the digging and pouring concrete that you should know about. Even if you won’t give a manual labor in the construction, you should know the basics about foundation. In this article, you will learn its types.

Shallow Foundation

The basic information you should know about a shallow foundation is that the depth of the ground is less than the width of the foundation. They are commonly called as the spread footing. The classifications of this foundation are as follows.

Wall Footing

A wall footing foundation transfers the weight of the wall into the ground. It runs continuous along the wall’s directions. The width of this foundation is two times the wall’s width at ground level. This type of foundation is suitable if the weight is small and economical in gravels and dense sands.

Column Footing

If the depth of the foundation is greater than 1.5 meters, the column footing is the most suitable. It is constructed through reinforced or plain concrete and is in the form of flat slab. The column’s base is also enlarged. 

Combined Footing

Engineers use combined footings for foundations that are two columns in a row, it means if the foundation they’re going to construct will extend beyond the property line. It’s trapezoidal or rectangular in shape.

Strap Footing

This type of foundation is used when the edge footing cannot extend beyond the property. So a strap beam is used to link up the edge footing with the interior footing.

Deep Foundation

The deep foundation has a depth that’s greater than the width. When the shallow foundation can’t support the weight of a structure, the deep foundation is used. The process is that this type of foundation transmits the superstructure’s load to the rock strata which lies deep in the ground.

Pile Foundation

The pile foundation is use to transfer the load of the structure to the rock, which is a less compressible stratum. Friction or bearing is used when transferring the load. When the inclined and horizontal forces need to be carried from the retaining walls and bridge abutments, this type of foundation is also used. It can be classified as friction piles, bearing piles and a combination of the two. The materials can be steel piles, concrete piles and timber piles.

Pier Foundation

This type of foundation is an underground structure which is cylindrical in shape. It supports the structure’s heavy load in which the shallow foundations can’t. The load transference is possible through bearing. This foundation is used when the soil is stiff clay and the top strata are a decomposed rock.

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How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit from Aerial Photography

Because of the new advancement to the photography and videography industry drones have changed the real estate world. These unmanned flight vehicles have already become extremely popular for use in a lot of fields and the world of real estate is just one of the many latest Industries to employ them.  As a matter of fact, the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration has just released the proposed rules and guidelines for the usage of drones in the real estate industry. This would allow firms and agents to use drones in order to assist their clients in marketing properties as well as any other things related to real estate.  

Aerial Photography

Proposed Rules and Regulation for the Usage of Drone in the Real Estate Industry  

The rules and regulations proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration consist of different types of permits required and how when and where the unmanned aerial vehicle can be used. The rules and regulations of the FAA also detail the entire process for reporting any accidents and or injuries related to using this unmanned aerial vehicle. Some samples of proposed stipulations included in the rules and regulations proposed by the FAA include:  

  • Commercial drones could only travel no farther than five hundred feet in altitude as well as one hundred miles per hour and this can only be operated during daylight. 
  • Drone operators are required to pass a certain test for the knowledge in aeronautics and they will also be given a permit. However, the permit should be renewed every two years.  
  • Drone operators must bear in mind that all flights should remain in their sight line.  

Currently, the National Association of Realtors is working with the Federal Aviation Administration in order to create its own list of rules and requirements for use in the field of real estate. Over all this simply means that real estate agents could be able to create aerial views of certain properties for sale during the time in order to enhance their listing.  

Advantages You Can Get from Using Drone Technology in the Real Estate Industry  

Aerial Technology would allow real estate agents to take real estate aerial video and photos of the property using the Drone including its nearby amenities. Real estate agents could also show interested buyers where a house is located in proximity to natural settings including a beach or park. Currently, the only method of capturing these images aside from using a drone is through helicopter which is a whole lot expensive and cannot capture close-up shots.  

In addition to that, commercial properties would also be able to take advantage of this aerial technology just like any large tracts of land. Real estate agents selling large properties would also to be able to provide a reliable overview of the certain property and it’s highly beneficial for them since using this data can be able to provide valuable information to potential property buyers.  

Furthermore, a lot of real estate agents say that they like to use drones primarily for luxurious properties. But, drones are also effective if it is used inside the home. This is because drones can provide a much smoother door of the home than what is captured using a traditional camera.  

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