How to Know If There is Structural Damage to Your Home

If you’re worried that your house has damages, one of the ways that you can double check your suspicion is to check the house on your own. However, if you don’t know where to look first, you can hire a contractor who’s skilled in Mesquite foundation repair. There are small warning signs that you can look out for. The foundation, roof, walls and windows and their conditions will help you know the extent of the damage. This article will help you learn more about that.  

Structural Damage

Settling and Leaning Structures 

One of the ways that a foundation gets damaged over time is a poor construction. A diligent construction will affect the structural integrity of a building. Cracks in the walls, jarring windows and stuck doors are the basic signs that the building was poorly constructed. Settling and leaning structures will happen naturally. To check if these framed-in features are fine, use a level to check if the walls stand upright. If the windows and doors won’t close or open, its framework might have been in too much stress from the slanted or settling walls.  


To check your foundation, grab a flashlight and inspect the walls of the crawlspace. These walls are attached to the foundation by joints or bolted plates. Check if the joints are poorly aligned or if the bolts are loose. You might see hairline cracks but these are harmless. Check for the large cracks instead especially the ones that are narrow downwards and wide at the top. Horizontal cracks are signs that the house is pushed off its footings or already sliding.  

Rotting Joists and Shifting 

Rotting joists are costly repairs so to check if the joists are rotten or not, poke your head through the panel and use a screwdriver to jab the wood. But if the damage is caused by shifting, it’s not an alarm yet but you should have them inspected. A damage caused by rotting is dangerous.  For example, homes tend to have cracks because of expansion especially if the house experiences extreme change of temperature.  

Even the daily changes of the temperature could be a factor of shifting. The house adjusts from the cooling period overnight to the warmth during the day and all over again. So hire an inspector to check what repairs your house needs.  

Roof and Load-Bearing Walls 

The shifting of the ground caused by a natural disaster like earthquakes or from the changing temperature can cause the walls that bear the loads move off their marks. These walls are strategically placed between the lower footings and upper roof supports. Most of the exterior walls are load-bearing walls. To check if shifting happened, go to a distance from the house and check the roofline.  

If it appears to be swaying in the middle or drooping at its ends, it’s possible that the upper support of the wall has shifted. If you’re buying a house, make sure that you hire an inspector to take a detailed look at the structure for any structural damage.   

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How to Move a Hot Tub 

Having a hot tub in your house is fun. If you’re too tired from work, you can relax and entertain yourself. Enjoying with friends and family is also possible, and you’ll have a great bonding moment. But later on, you will realize that the hot tub needs a new location. The most challenging part of this thought is the actual moving of the tub from one location to another.  

Hot Tub

The hot tub is heavy and massive. Finding ways to relocate the hot tub is difficult, because of the space limitation and the process of moving it. Moving it on your own is risky, and hiring hot tub movers Denver should be your top option if you can’t do it on your own.  

Prepare the Equipment 

Moving an appliance as heavy and as large as a hot tub is challenging. You just can’t push it around and move it where you want to. There are special equipment needed like furniture dollies, tow straps and some pieces of wood. As much possible, you will need a hot tub dolly which is a special dolly only for hot tubs.  

Plan the Path 

You should know where you’re going. If you plan to move the hot tub from a far location from its original place, you should create a plan. Measure the hot tub, the doors it’s going through and any path. To avoid injuries and damages to other materials in the house, clean the path for any obstacles and debris. You should do all of these before you move the tub.  

Prepare the Hot Tub 

Next thing to do is prepare the hot tub. Cut off all the electric sources connected to your hot tub. Unplug the electrical wirings, water lines and gas connections. Place the cords in the proper storage because you will connect them again. Second, drain your hot tub. Get the guidelines from the manufacturers when doing this step. When draining the water outside, use a long hose.  

Secure the Hot Tub 

Once you’re done draining the tub, clean it. Follow the instructions again when you clean it. Close the drain cap and use towels to clean the interior of the tub. If possible, wrap the tub with a plastic wrap to secure the outer shell from scratches and other damages.  

Lift the Tub 

Don’t do this on your own! You need a couple of helping hands when doing this step. Lift the corners of the tub. Put the pieces of the wood below the corners so you can move it easily. The tub should be lifted 3 inches off the floor before you put the woods.  

Use Furniture Dollies 

If you’re moving the tub across the flat floor, you can use furniture dollies. Position once dolly at the tub’s back; and the other one is in the front so the tub has an optimum support. Protect the tub further using tow straps so it won’t slip. Then, begin moving the tub. Do it slowly.  

If you’re moving into a new home, hire a professional hot tub mover!  

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Would You Consider Using Drones on Your Wedding?

From the social media hashtag to reception décor, a lot of brides and grooms to be try hard to be as creative and productive as possible when it comes to designing their wedding. Thanks to the recent trend of wedding aerial photography and videography using drones, it seems like there is one more great way to add a quite literally unique angle to your big day.  


The question is, are wedding drones really something that you should be considering to use for your wedding day? Are these aerial robots here to stay? In this article, you will be able to find out why you should use aerial shots or wedding drones in your big day. 

Using aerial robots such as drones in order to capture video and photography for personal reasons like documenting a house if someone might be moving out has actually been around for years. But, experts have recently found out that they can also apply this very same concept to capture special events including an engagement session or wedding, in order to provide an extremely unique and breathtaking view or angle from which the people involved in the even can remember as well as feel that the occasion is extra special. 

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of benefits you can get from using drones. According to experts, drones can enable us to capture those photos in such a way that would not be other possible you take it while in a helicopter. For example, photographers can be able to fly their drones over the area of wedding ceremony while guests are arriving. Certainly, a lot of brides also want to be filmed as she’s coming out, as well as pan out the moment she walks down the aisle in order to get shot of the entire venue of the wedding. 

However, this does not mean that you should cancel your videographer or photographer. According to experts, even the most top of the line brands or models of drones in the market only have about fifteen minutes of battery power. This is the reason why drone experts bring enough batteries just to shoot one-hour worth of footage and they use this just to complement, and never replace photographers and videographers on the ground. 

In addition to that, there are also other limitations to using aerial medium of photography. For once, it is extremely dependent on the weather and the venue. The best-case scenario in an outdoor wedding on a calm, clear day. Aside from that, drones also rely on GPS, which means if your wedding is help somewhere with spotty service, then that would not work well too as they could literally fall off the sky. And lastly, these aerial robots must also be operated by a professional who is skilled and trained – both in how to shoot as well as edit photography and video, as well as how to fly the drone, so you can actually get usable footage and quality shots. If you want to have quality aerial videography and photography services, make sure that you only hire a professional and experienced Melbourne, Florida aerial photography service provider.

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